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(Eighth Wonder x Am I Dreaming) x (Blue Riviera x Velvet Rainbow) ht. 24”/ 60cm, E to M, strong rebloom, 4 branches,  26 buds, 6”/15cm, Sev, tetraploid, good disease tolerance, fertile both ways.

Red violet blooms dominated by a very heavy chartreuse edge which never hangs and a prominent blue violet eye and multi-colored picotee edge. Combining our diverse breeding lines to create new and distinct cultivars is an ongoing process.  Here we stop to admire the significant accomplishment of mixing the best of our butterfly and green edge breeding resulting in a beautiful blend of both programs. Florists have long known that “floral green” makes all the other colors pop in the arrangement, and this new cultivar is proof positive of this concept.  Somewhat shorter than our typical intro, this variety deserves a showplace front and center in your collection.  Like and share for just 120.