Reach For The Stars 150


(Royal Standard x Looking Good) x (All For One x Stroke Of Luck)  ht. 24”/ 60cm, M, rebloom, 2 branches,  20 buds, 5.5”/14cm, Sev, tetraploid, good disease tolerance, fertile both ways, 95% double. 

Consistently double peony type flowers are red violet and pleated, with a violet eye zone and a crisp white edge. All these traits are replicated on the fully modified stamens provided excellent contrast of color and texture. As our doubles get more beautiful they become more popular, and here you can see why. The combination of color, form, texture, and edging makes it nearly impossible to look away. If you like pretty daylilies then you’ll like them more in 3D.  We are not satisfied with simply boosting the blooms, and have dedicated enormous resources to improving overall plant and scape habit in our doubles program with taller and stronger plants. This is also an excellent breeder for doubles considering high double percentage and pistils which are almost always presented for pollination. Aim high, pay low 150.