Closely Held 170


(Lost Art x Summer Home) x (All Is Bright x Lost Art).  ht. 36”/ 90cm, M, rebloom, 4 branches,  24 buds, 8”/20cm, Ev, tetraploid, lightly fragrant Very good disease tolerance, cold hardy, low fertility both ways.

An enormous grandiflora apricot colored self with very wide pleated petals and sepals. The pleats are plentiful, consistent, and especially geometrical on the wide, blunt, well-behaved sepals which is a big improvement over the typical self sepal. This can’t be missed due to the giant fullform flower size and robust, branched scapes. The warm color hues from heart to edge complete the look…for all our love of flowers few are those who incite hugging – this one does. To top off a magnificent creation, count on polymerous blooms from the apical buds of mature scapes, typically with four petals and sepals and rarely five of each. So Closely Held is not registered as polymerous with this very low percentage, but it is a consistent trait as described and will treat you to a special showing every summer. Hold it tight for 170.