arved Complexity

Carved Complexity

[(Expensive Taste x (J.T. Davis x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry)] x Darla Anita. Sev. 6.5 - 7" fl. 30" sc. M 20 buds. This beautiful pastel blend of coral, yellow, pink and cream is all about ruffles.  The flowers have wildly extravagant, vertically raised ruffled gold edges.  The edges are heavily crimped and pleated and stand up at the petal edges.  The ruffling and pleating continue into the throat, which is often pleated.  At the center of the flower is a deep green heart.  With so much ruffling and pleating, these flowers do sometimes have bad hair days in hot weather.  The scapes are tall and well branched, and the flowers are easily fertile, readily setting pods.    $150