Alabaster Echoes 120


 (Lady Alvatine x December Wedding) x (It’s A Dream)  ht. 34”/ 85cm, E to M, strong rebloom, 4 branches,  28 buds, 7”/18cm, Sev, tetraploid, fertile both ways.

This near white self with a green heart and yellow throat has heavy substance and ruffled yellow edges. Plain and simple, this near white classic full form variety is a flower producing machine, pumping out constant color from the beginning to end of your bloom season. Each mature fan of established plants produces multiple scapes, one right after the other up to six well branched scapes per season…like echoes. The abundance and height of the flowers is accentuated by the reflective color which illuminates the planting area. Vigorous plants multiply and grow well in all climates with a full range of evergreen, semi-evergreen, and dormant genetics in the pedigree. Since the beginning of this program, 25 years ago, a countless number of perfectly good “yellowish” seedlings have been composted. At this point it’s really only the finest breeds in this class that can be introduced with aplomb. Look and listen for just 120.