Violets Are Blue

Violets Are Blue (catalog cover)

(Blast of Blue x Laws of Illusion) x (Cobalt Rings) Sev. 6-7" fl. 25" sc. M to L. 20 buds. Fertile both ways. Excellent rust tolerance and cold hardy. Choosing the “cover girl” for our Spring catalog is often difficult, but not this year. In fact, we sensed this variety could make the cover since first seeing it’s maiden bloom. Introducing ‘Violets Are Blue’, a lavender self with an enormous violet-blue eye zone with a matching extra-wide ruffled picotee surrounded by a chartreuse edge. There are daylilies with eyes which nearly cover the flower face, and good blue tones are increasingly normal. But combining these traits represents a giant leap in the evolution of blue daylilies. A true blue lily flower, where the entire petal surface is blue, is now within our grasp. A must have for hybridizers, and destined to be a perennial favorite for flower enthusiasts. Roses are red, these are $330