True Calling 260


True Calling

(Cobalt Rings x Blossoms Blooming) x (Violets Are Blue x Blue Riviera). Sev. 6" fl. 22" 1+Y sc. VE to M. 22 buds. Fertile both ways, excellent rust tolerance, cold hardy. This contender barely missed the cut as our newest cover girl which tells you how highly we regard this glorious creature. Since the beginning, the vision of a "blue" daylily is deemed possible by breeding for ever larger blue eyes with matching extra-wide picotees, until they merge to completely cover the petal surface. This variety is one step closer while leaving little beauty to be desired. Given the pedigree it's no surprise that the brilliant look is backed up by a very good plant habit and strong garden performance. The ocean blue eye extends from a green throat and covers the orchid petals. The large eye and violet mascara band extend around the heavily ruffled petal edge as an extra wide picotee with steely highlights around the outer edge. Find purpose in life for 260.