Pattern Recognition SF


Pattern Recognition

[(Mysterious Zodiac x Deeper Meaning) x Sweet Goldoni] x (Other Side of Heaven). Sev. 5.5" fl. 28" 1+Y sc. M to L. 20 buds. Good rust tolerance, cold hardy, fertile both ways. It's taken hard work to bring up pattern eyes through traditional tetraploid breeding methods with very limited reliance on converted diploid patterns. The result is increasing dominant patterns which are coming through in different colors while displaying the pattern from beginning to end of the bloom season. This interesting flower sports day-glo coloration of many different tones for never ending interest up close and from afar. The bi-tone flowers with light apricot petals have a large blue, violet, magenta, and purple eye which is ruptured by a wavy concentric ring pattern radiating from a green yellow throat. The eye carries around the petal edges as a narrow but sharp picotee. A reverse impression of the pattern extends far onto the rosy sepals to complete the multi-color effect. This is one of the most unusual cultivars we have ever introduced and its progeny has given our pattern program a real boost. Visualize new designs for SF 250.