Boundless Bliss 250


Boundless Bliss

BOUNDLESS BLISS -- [(Velvet Raven x Velvet Throne) x (Summer Solstice x Ruby Pearl Sullivan)] x (Boca Grande x Master's Approval) Sev. 7" fl. 28" 3+Y sc. M 26 buds. Fertile both ways, cold hardy and excellent rust tolerance. Did you catch that lineage? Behold the wonderful world of tetraploid Hemerocallis genetics! The result is simply shocking: a tropical coral flower with an orange throat, orange watermark, and orange edge. Our newest introduction is distinct and distinguished, and one of our all time favorite cultivars. It's impossible to walk by these blooms without taking a moment to appreciate what appears to be a daylily's version of a practical joke. Equally impressive are the sturdy, robust plants with deep green and glossy foliage and excellent scapes. Achieve perfect happiness for 250.