We are so thankful for our clients...because of your support we get to make a living doing what we love.  We truly appreciate when you take time to give us feedback.  Here are some recent reviews:


Received your plants yesterday opened the box last night and the
plants look great. Thank you and Ted for the great selection of plants.
Larry Gooden
St. Louis, MO

I just love the Petit daylilies. They are beautiful here and I use lots of them in my little hybridizing program. I love using Le Petit Jardin intros in my breeding.
Carol Sarginger
Ruckersville, VA


We like the other flowers from last year and really like the new ones.  You have some of the most unique blooms on your plants.  As we find room we plan to add others to our garden.
Dennis Stone
Columbus, IN


I can wait for this kind of beauty and uniqueness. Wow! You have to be proud of these accomplishments. I am blown away by pictures of your appliquéd seedlings on Facebook. 
Bill Hurt
Greensboro, NC


I was not expecting a "Gift Plant"!  What a gift!! You and Marcela have out done yourselves!!!  All I can say is "WOW, what a collection." Thanks for the Great Plants, the Gift Plant, and all the discounts!  I have not ordered from "Le Petit Jardin" in years past, but rest assured you now have a customer!
 James & Louise Fennell
Hawkinsville, GA


That is absolutely perfect!   Thanks so much for being so flexible, and I really do appreciate all the time and effort you've put into this.   I am especially thankful for your most generous discount for our club.   I know the members will appreciate it as well.
Frank Schmeidler
Manhattan, KS


The lilies arrived this afternoon on schedule & in great shape, and are potted and resting in the heat, which is running tonight for sure.... thanks for shipping and catching this narrow weather-window! & thanks for the nice bonus! 
Phil Steidl
Cookeville, TN

The plants arrived and look great, thanks a bunch for the extra one! They are already looking fat and happy in their pots in our greenhouse :-)



The plants arrived on Thursday and I am delighted with the quality.  They were in good condition and were potted after a brief soak.  Thank you also for the gift plant, I will look forward to seeing it bloom.   Thank you again for your help and understanding.  
Nancy Barnett
Clayton, IN


You are the only ones I purchased from this Fall, just couldn't pass them up! Thank you SO much, I love your plants!! 
Deanna Robinson
Chowchilla, CA


Our club bought Acquisition Plants from Petit in 2012..... Daylily Society of Southern Indiana....best plants we have ever received....all have done splendidly. 
Pauletta Beller
Corydon, IN


Received the plants and they were in good shape.  Thanks much for the gift - I really like that flower. 
Larry Arnold
Snowcamp, NC