Zelda Ann

(Cerise Masterpiece x Ruby Pearl Sullivan) Sev. 6.5 - 7" fl. 28-32" sc. M 20 buds. Fertile both ways. What a wonderful flower to come from this cross. The self color of Zelda Ann is a clear rose to rose-red with a large lighter, chalky watermark. At the center of the flower is a large lettuce green throat. The extra wide petal edges are very ruffled and surrounded in gold. The plants have average to good rust resistance and are cold hardy. Zelda Ann is not only a beautiful flower, but it has also been an important breeder, giving extremely large flowers in my red lines, on tall scapes. I have taken it to all of my red lines to increase the flower size and scape height. Named for the mother of Greg Eller, a daylily enthusiast from Arkansas.