Velvet Raven

[(Symphony of Fire x Roman Renaissance) x (Streetcar Named Desire)] x (Electric Red). Sev. 7" fl. 40" sc. M 20 buds. At this point you are probably wondering if you picked up the wrong catalog. After all, everyone knows that I breed for large, showy, shocking flowers, usually with heavy gold edges. But, VELVET RAVEN has only a wire gold edge. Trust me, even without a heavy gold edge, these flowers are shocking show-stoppers. Many years ago, Bill Munson had a saturated velvety red that he had named Velvet Raven, which is a great grandparent of these flowers. Since Bill never registered or used the name, we felt it was a reasonable tribute to use that name on these flowers. The nicely ruffled flowers of VELVET RAVEN are a very dark, near black, blood red. The flowers have a velvety appearance, making them look as if they were cut from a red velvet dress. They also have a lighter watermark surrounding a green throat. Adding to the importance of these flowers is that they never hang, are presented on very tall 40” scapes, and are easily fertile both ways.