Adventure in Style
*Tranquil Horizon
*TRANQUIL HORIZON -- (Ed Brown x Tet. Champagne Elegance) Sev to Ev.. 7” fl. 27” sc. M 20 buds.  Tranquil Horizon has been one of my favorite pink flowers since its maiden bloom.  They are very large flowers with extremely heavy, plastic-like substance.  The form is impeccable, with wide, round petals, which are surrounded by a crimped ruffled gold edge.  The very large throat forms a huge green center to the flower, making the blooms glow in the garden.  The color of the flowers vary from a baby ribbon pink to a light coral to peach pink.  The sepals are very wide, adding to the overall sophistication of the flower.    The heavy substanced flowers open beautifully every morning, and look like beacons in the morning garden.  A great parent, and very highly recommended.