*TIME FOR ETERNITY -- (Opal Ring x Living on the Edge) Sev. 6” fl. 26” sc. M. 25 buds.  Time for Eternity is one of the most consistently beautiful flowers in my garden, and one that I have never allowed to go unpollinated.  Like Gentle Presence, the breeding behind Time for Eternity was an attempt to bring patterned daylilies into the modern era.  One seldom gets what one dreams about, but in this case I got more than I could have hoped for.  The flowers are large, always showy, and consistently ornate.  The petal edges typically have a decorative ruffling, with “owl ears” folding and pleating.  The petal self color is a cream to flesh pink with coral 
highlights.  The flowers retained the patterned eye  from the Matthew Kaskel breeding, as a rose eye with a darker etched border.  The double rose eye continues on the petal edges as double (light and dark), rose picotees.  The double picotee is surrounded by a third, gold edge.  Time for Eternity marks a critical step forward for patterned daylilies, as a triple edged flower.  We are now beginning to see the more complex multiple colored eyes being mimicked and carried along the petal edges as multi-colored picotees.  As a hybridizer, I am thrilled to introduce Time for Eternity, a flower I believe is destined for greatness!