Ted's Tribute To Linda

(Alexa Katherine x Gary Colby) Sev. 8" fl. 25" sc. M. 20 - 25 buds. Fertile both ways. The garden name for this flower was Nine Point Five, because I measured the maiden bloom at 9.5”. The flowers settle down and generally bloom in the 8” range. The base color is a clear lavender, with huge looping gold to chartreuse edges, a green throat and a large lighter watermark. It performs as a vigorous evergreen to semi-evergreen in warm winters, but goes completely dormant in cold winters. A favorite of so many hybridizers, it was Bill Waldrop’s top choice of any flower in my garden, and Larry Grace said “That’s the prettiest thing I have ever looked at.” Barbara Burkhart paid $7,500 (making it the most expensive daylily sold at auction) at the Lake Tahoe meeting to name the flower, and she chose the name after consulting with Linda. An extraordinary flower named for an extraordinary friend and hybridizer, whom we all loved and who has left an enormous vacuum in so many lives. LIMITED!