Streetcar Named Desire, Daylily
*Streetcar Named Desire

* 'Streetcar Named Desire' (Front Cover) -- (Sapphire Skies x Ted Gardian) x  (J. T. Davis x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry) Sev. 7" fl. 30" sc. M. 20-25 buds.  Streetcar Named Desire has been the most important red to come from my hybridizing program.  It has been my best parent, and has imparted a whole new look to my red lines, adding very large size and heavy substance.  These flowers, reminiscent of huge beefsteak tomatoes, have a deep green throat surrounded by a lighter watermark.  A heavy gold edge surrounds the beautifully ruffled flowers.  These are large, commanding flowers carried on tall, well branched scapes. Extremely limited!