*SEPARATE REALITY -- (Outer Fringes x John Kinnebrew)  Sev. 5.5 fl. 25 sc. M.  The consistently double, typically formal hose in hose blooms of Separate Reality are a coral orange with a pink overlay.  The layers of petals stack on top of each other, with each layer reaching farther out to funnel in a 3 dimensional manner rather than laying flat on top of each other.  The flowers also have retained their stamens.  The blooms of Separate Reality are truly different from other doubles in that they contain true extra petals, not just converted stamens.  Sometimes the stamens also convert to petaloids, giving the blooms as many as 15 petals/petaloids.  A very 
important hybridizing break, and one of my most used double parents because its formal appearance allows daylilies to resemble roses or camellias.