Ruby Pearl Sullivan, Daylily
*Ruby Pearl Sullivan

* RUBY PEARL SULLIVAN -- Streetcar Named Desire x  (Promised Day x Anita McMaster) Sev. 7" fl. 28" sc. M. 25-30 buds. What an enormous break!  The wonderfully ornate, very large 7” flowers of Ruby Pearl Sullivan are a show-stopper in the garden, and have revolutionized my red breeding program. The flower color varies over the season, from a deep red in cool weather (as shown on the cover), softening to a lighter rose red in warmer weather.  The petals are surrounded by a very ruffled heavy gold edge, often with looping angel wings. Despite their extreme ruffling and heavy gold edge, the blooms rarely, if ever, hang. To top it off, the huge blooms are presented on tall, very well branched scapes with 3-4 laterals plus top branching. An amazing hybridizing plant, it is extremely fertile, setting a pod almost every time. While we have other gold edged reds in the 5 1/2” to 6” range, this flower adds the important factor of large size, and is the parent of my best future “large, fancy faced” reds. Named for one of my favorite “great ladies” of daylilies, the un-stoppable “Miss Ruby” of Camilla, Georgia.