Reggie Morgan, Daylily
*Reggie Morgan

* 'Reggie Morgan' -- (Gary Colby x Awesome Blossom) x (Wheel of Time) Sev. 6" fl. 27" sc. M 20 buds.  Where do I begin to talk about Reggie Morgan, the best parent for pattern daylilies I have ever had.  First of all, it is named for a vivacious lady and dear friend from Toronto.  The lavender pink flowers have a violet patterned eye surrounded by a burgundy mascara band.  The patterned eye continues around the petal edges as a multiple edge, surrounded by a bubbly gold edge, typically with gold hooks.  The form of the flower is amazing, with extremely wide, round petals and wide, blunt sepals.  A parent of some of my best sophisticated patterned seedlings. Very limited.