Mirror Mirror

(Rippled Oasis x Lightening In A Bottle) Sev. 6.5" fl. 27 " sc. M 20 buds. Fertile both ways. The flowers of MIRROR, MIRROR are an orange tangerine to golden yellow. The flowers have a pattern eye with concentric circles of alternating light and dark burgundy. The burgundy eye is mimicked on the sepals and continues around the ruffled, bubbly petal edges. One of the bands in the eye is highly metallic. In previously introduced metallic eyes, the metallic band has been narrow and at times elusive. In MIRROR, MIRROR the band is wide and striking; a major advance in the metallic eyes. At times when the sun strikes the flower, it can be like holding a piece of aluminum foil up to the sun. The “mirror, mirror on the wall” has moved to the garden. Unique and wonderful!