Men In Black

(Larry’s Obsession) x {[(Fortune Dearest x Barracuda Bay) x (Mort Morss)] x Larry’s Obsession} Sev. 5.5 - 6" fl. 35-37" sc. M 20 buds. I have bred more near black daylilies than most, including the immensely popular Larry’s Obsession, and I love them with dramatic gold or toothy edges. Men In Black takes these lines to a new height. The very dark, rich, near black purple flowers are a knock-out in the garden. The saturated flowers are accented by a cool, deep green throat. The ruffled petal and sepal edges are surrounded by large white teeth. The form is wonderful with wide, full petals. The flowers are easily fertile both ways and the plants have excellent rust resistance and are cold hardy. The flowers are presented on tall scapes. It is easy to see why Men In Black was one of Pat Stamile’s two favorite plants in my garden.