*MEET JOE BLACK -- (Mardi Gras Ball x Kaskel seedling) (Awesome Blossom) Sev. 5 1/2 - 6 fl. 26 sc. EM.  The flowers of Meet Joe Black are a clear peach to salmon pink with a large, very dark, near black eye, and a wide matching picottee.  At the center of the eye is a deep green throat.  The plants have nicely branched scapes with 30 to 35 buds and are very recurrent, yielding a profusion of color over a very long bloom period.  Meet Joe Black has been one of my favorite plants since its maiden bloom because of its overall plant habit, dramatic flowers, non-stop bloom, and easy fertility.  It has proven to be one of my best parents for eyed edged daylilies.  Very highly recommended; this is one of the best plants to come out of my program.