Fine French Porcelain, Daylily
*Fine French Porcelain

* 'Fine French Porceline' -- [(Ed Brown x Tet. Dena Marie) x Expensive Taste] x Belle Cooke. Sev. 7.5" fl. 25" sc. M 20 buds.  Fine French Porcelain is one of the heaviest substanced pinks I know, as if it were carved from wax.  The ruffling and overall form of the flowers are impeccable.  This is another plant that I never allow to go unpollinated.   Because of its extremely heavy substance, it does take it a bit longer in the morning to fully pump itself open, but what an amazing treat when it does.  The huge coral pink flowers have a large green throat, and the very wide petals are surrounded by huge, looping and folding gold edges.  Easily fertile, and an awesome parent for big, ornate pinks.