Earl of Essex

(Gary Colby x Cape Breton) x (James’s Prissy Kristi) Dor to Sev. 6.5 - 7" fl. 28-29" sc. M 25 buds. These medium purple flowers make a strong statement in the garden, with their large size and heavy gold edge. The blooms have a lighter watermark and green throat. James’s Prissy Kristi was a very important parent for increased size and heavy gold to chartreuse edging. Earl of Essex is an improvement in having clearer, stronger color. The plants are a true middle of the road semi-evergreen, remaining evergreen to semi-evergreen in warm winters, but going fully dormant in cold winters. Despite their semi-evergreen to dormant nature, they are strong, vigorous growers, making big, healthy plants in Florida. The cold hardy plants have very good rust resistance and the flowers are fertile both ways.