Doub Warner, Daylily
*Doug Warner

* 'Doug Warner' -- (Gary Colby x Meet Joe Black) x (Sailing At Dawn) Sev. 6.5" fl. 23" sc. M 20 buds.  Probably my favorite seedling to come from Sailing At Dawn, this ivory pink flower has it all.  I fell in love with it because of the unusual violet purple eye/edge color, which tells of its blue background breeding.  But the flower has so much more than that.  The form is always voluptuous, with big, wide, full, heavily ruffled petals.  The violet purple eye is large, and the matching picotee is very wide, surrounded by a gold edge.  At the center of the flower is a green throat.  Doug Warner, a soft spoken daylily lover from South Carolina, picked out this beauty to carry his name.  I have never let one of these easily fertile flowers go unpollinated, bringing all of its wonderful characteristics back into the blue lines.