Bulgari, Daylily

*BULGARI -- [As Time Goes By x (J. T. Davis x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry)] Sev. 6.5" fl. 24" sc. M 20 buds.   Bulgari is one of the most beautiful purple flowers in my garden.  I have always loved this flower, and it has been the number one pick of many visitors.  The rose to violet purple flowers seem to have a velvet sheen.   At the center of the flower is a deep green throat.  The flowers are surrounded by a heavy gold edge, with the petal edges being not just ruffled, but tightly pleated and crimped, often showing looping angel wings.  With all of its extraordinary beauty, I have to admit that I wish it had a taller scape.  In my garden, the flowers float just above the foliage.  Had it been on a taller scape, I would have held this plant for a front cover.  It is gorgeous in the garden, and bred with taller plants, it has been a wonderful parent. The flowers are very fertile both ways, easily setting pods.  Rich, opulent beauty.