Bewitching Eyes, Daylily
*Bewitching Eyes

* 'Bewitching Eyes' -- (Violet Reflections) x (Mardi Gras Ball x Tet. Lavender Blue Baby) Sev. 5.5" fl. 28" sc. M 25 - 30 buds, 4 branches.  All of us who hybridize have favorites.  The garden name for Bewitching Eyes has been “best pattern” because, well, isn’t it obvious?  The days of the simple, un-adorned pattern are over.  As I have said many times, I want patterned flowers that are voluptuous, with great form, heavy ruffling, and matching rainbow edges.  Also, the flowers of Bewitching Eyes present the blue violet eye and surrounding burgundy mascara band on a clear light lavender ivory base, which brings out the clarity of color in the eye.  If that is not enough, the double rainbow edge is surrounded by a third bubbly gold edge. Fabulous flowers and a grand parent!