Written on the Wind
*Written on the Wind
*WRITTEN ON THE WIND -- (Gary Colby x Meet Joe Black) (Jammin’ With Jane) Sev. 6” fl. 25” sc. M 15 - 20 buds. Even more drama in the garden... nothing subtle here.  The flowers of Written on the Wind   are a rose lavender with a dark purple eye and edge.  The blooms are presented just above the foliage.  The flowers have a deep green center, and the petal edges are surrounded by a second bubbly gold edge.  But this only begins to describe this flower.  The colors of Written on the Wind are rich, deep and saturated.  The very wide, intensely colored velvety edge is so thick, it seems to be made of rubber.  Easily fertile both ways, and a grand parent.  Heavy substanced, dramatic flowers.