Time Can Not Erase
*Time Can Not Erase
*TIME CAN NOT ERASE -- (Belle Cook) [(Ed Brown x Tet. Dena Marie) (Expensive Taste)] Sev. 6.5 -7” fl. 24” sc. M 20 buds.  Wow, where do I begin to talk about this beauty!  Along with April LaQuinta and Dance Among the Stars, the pink daylily has moved to another level.  The flowers of Time Can Not Erase are a coral pink with a heavy, ruffled gold edge.  The large blooms have a big green throat at their center.  The form of the flower is exemplary, presenting picture-perfect, wide petalled, round blooms.  One of the things that I love the most about this flower, however, is its extremely heavy substance.  Many of the modern pinks may be large and even fancy, but they lack heavy substance.  Time Can Not Erase has extremely heavy, waxy substance, like it were carved from marble.  At times it even displays sculpting in the throat area.  Extremely fertile both ways, easily setting pods, and a wonderful parent.