Queen of the Garden
*Queen of the Garden

QUEEN OF THE GARDEN   --    (Darla Anita x Gary Colby) Sev. 7-8” fl. 35” sc. M 25 buds.  Huge cream yellow flowers with a pink to coral blush and a deep green throat.  Every now and then a real break occurs in terms of not only the flower, but the overall plant that changes your entire program.  So it was with Queen of the Garden.  Its huge size and incredible ruffling allowed me to move forward in my “huge, fancy face” lines.  The ruffling on these flowers stack on top of each other, with ruffling on top of ruffling, leading to huge billowing piles of ruffles.  One of our goals as we push past the 8” flower is to put them on tall, husky, well branched scapes.  With 35” scapes with 3 laterals plus a terminal Y, Queen of the Garden became the primary breeding plant for my lavenders and pinks.  Easily fertile both ways.