Leprechaun Prince
*Leprechaun Prince
*LEPRECHAUN PRINCE -- (John Peat x F2) (Leaving Me Breathless x Gary Colby) Sev. 5.5 - 6” fl. 31” sc. M 20 buds.  The blooms of Leprechaun Prince are a clear lavender purple with a lighter watermark.  The heavily ruffled petals are surrounded by a bubbly, crunchy gold to green edge.  The flowers have a deep green throat at their center.  The edge is typically a chartreuse to green, matching the green of the throat.  We have recently seen the new green edges accent the pinks and pastels.  But the contrast of the chartreuse edge on a purple adds a real zing to the flower.  Leprechaun Prince has been a very important breeder for purples and reds with green edges.  A wonderful color combination, reminding me of St. Patrick’s day and the Luck of the Irish.  The heavy substanced flowers are open early every morning, a real show-off on tall, strong scapes.