Dance Among the Stars
*Dance Among the Stars
*DANCE AMONG THE STARS -- (Ed Brown x Tet. Dena Marie) (Ed Brown x Expensive Taste) Sev. 6” fl. 26” sc. M 15 - 20 buds.  It is true, I love bold, dramatic colors in my flowers.  But who could not fall in love with this incredible work of art.  How much more perfect could a pink daylily get?  There is no question that this year marks a high point for me, introducing three amazing pinks, each spectacular in its own way.   Dance Among the Stars is the softest of baby ribbon pinks.  The form is amazing, with wide, round petals.  The big green throat moves out to fill the center of the flower.  The petal edges carry an elegant ruffling of gold. Like a soft spring morning, these flowers are the picture of perfection.  And, they are easily fertile both ways.  Along with April LaQuinta and Time Can Not Erase, these three pinks have been the back-bone of my pink lines and have changed the future of my hybridizing program.