Beyond the Sea
*Beyond the Sea
*BEYOND THE SEA -- (Reyna x Wheel of Time) (Cedar Key x Sailing At Dawn) Sev. 5.5” fl. 24” sc. M 20 buds.  The flowers of Beyond The Sea are presented just above the foliage.  The patterning in the flower is intricate and complex.  The self color is a soft lavender violet.  At the center of the flower is a green throat that gives way to an applique pattern moving out to the eye.   The eye is a  blue violet, surrounded by a darker purple mascara band.  The      color pattern in the eye moves out along the petal edge, mimicking the eye.  The edge has a dark purple band , followed by a blue violet edge, which, in turn, is surrounded by a crimped gold edge.  Very unusual.  The complex pattern in this flower is a delight to the eyes.