Bells and Whistles
*Bells and Whistles
*BELLS AND WHISTLES -- (Glacier Bay x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry) (Ed Brown)  Sev. 6 - 6.5” fl. 26” sc. EM 25 buds.   Could it be named any better?  This flower seems to have it all!  The blooms are large, with a heavy, starchy substance.  The base color is a rose pink, but the color deepens toward the petal edges.  The edge color becomes a dark rose red as it reaches the heavily ruffled gold edge.  The flowers also have a large deep green throat.  One of the major movements in hybridizing in recent years has been a push toward flowers with darker edges but no eye.  Unfortunately, most of these flowers have little or no ruffling, and no gold edging.  I have used 'Bells and Whistles' heavily in my breeding for pinks, reds, and for fancier flowers with edges but no eyes.  The plants have great scapes, with 4 laterals plus top branching.  Add to this that the plants are extremely rust resistant, and you have a great flower and plant.  Easily fertile both ways.