Believe in Miracles
*Believe in Miracles
*ALWAYS BELIEVE IN MIRACLES -- (Moment in the Sun x Gavin Petit) Sev. 6” fl. 28” sc. M 25 buds.  As you would expect, I initially crossed Moment In The Sun with all of the pastels, and then decided to try it on other flowers, including Gavin Petit.  I did not expect Moment in the Sun to work with eyes; rather, I thought I would get muted flowers.  What a surprise when Believe In Miracles first bloomed.  A big, bright, commanding flower combining the best of its two parents. Moment in the Sun turned the eye-edge color of Gavin Petit to a deep rose red.  The ruffled red edge is surrounded by a second gold edge. The large flowers open flat with a deep green throat.  The base color is a clear pale ivory pink.  These flowers combine the drama of both parents, giving us a whole new genetic pool of grand flowers to work with.