Aral Sea, Daylily
*Aral Sea

* 'Aral Sea'  (Susie Tee x Reflections in Water) x (Sailing At Dawn x Send Me a Rainbow) Sev. 5” fl. 23” sc. M 20 buds.  The soft blue violet colors in Aral Sea project tranquility in the garden. Presented on compact plants, the lavender pink flowers carry a blue violet eye and matching picotee. The blue violet eye is surrounded by a rose lavender mascara which continues around the petal edges as a second band of color.  The ruffled petals also carry a third, wire gold edge.  The center of the flower is accented by a deep green throat. A lovely combination of many generations of breeding blue violet patterned eyes that continue around the petal edges as patterned picotees.